2015 Lineup!!

Friday, September 4th
Workshops – Boise Hive  3907 Custer Dr, Boise, ID 83705
3:00-5:00 Local and visiting instructors (45 minute hands on workshops)
Workshops  ::  2 periods of 45 minute sessions
Gabrielle Macrae :: old time fiddle
Jonah Shue :: swing guitar
Barry Southern :: bluegrass banjo
Jenny Lara :: stand up bass
Lucas Hicks :: square dance calling
Jonah Shue :: old time guitar, backup
Pat Harren :: harmonica
Ali Ward :: washboard
Workshops are hands on.  Bring your instruments.  All workshops are included in weekend passes.  Sold separately for $10 per session per person.
Square Dance - Mardi Gras 615 S 9th St, Boise, ID 83702 ($7 tickets are sold separate at the door)
7:00-10:00 The Horsenecks (Portland, OR) calling from Lucas Hicks! (Bellingham, WA)
Juniper after hours

10pm-late Hi-O Revelers (Seattle, WA)

Saturday, September 5th
Indian Creek Winery
Main Stage
12:00-12:40 Spike Coggins (Boise, ID)
12:55-1:35  Belinda Bowler (Boise, ID)
1:50-2:30    Hillfolk Noir (Boise, ID)
2:45-3:25    Deviant Kin (Boise, ID)
3:40-4:20    Gregory Rawlins (La Grande, OR)
4:35-5:15    The Horsenecks (Portland, OR)
5:30-6:15    Caitlin Canty (Nashville, TN)
6:30-7:30    Deakin Hicks (Bellingham, WA)
7:45 - 9pm  Crow Quill Night Owls (Port Townsend, WA)
Saturday, September 5th
Indian Creek Winery
Stump Stage
12:40-1:00 Johanna Harness (Nampa, ID)
1:35-1:50   Johanna Harness
2:30-2:45   The Shadies (Bellingham, WA)
3:25-3:40   The Shadies
4:20-4:35   Richard & Tova Tillinghast (White Salmon, WA)
5:15-5:30   Richard & Tova Tillinghast
6:15-6:30  Curtis Sutton (Boise, ID)
7:30-7:45  Curtis Sutton
Saturday, September 5th
Juniper after hours
10pm-late  Deakin Hicks (Bellingham, WA)
Sunday, September 6th
Indian Creek Winery
Main stage
12:00-12:40   Furthurmore Old Time String Band (Boise, ID)
12:55-1:35     Giant Leprechauns (Boise, ID)
1:50-2:30       Dry Buck (Boise, ID)
2:45-3:25      Barb’s Corn Dodgers (Seattle & Bellingham, WA)
3:40-4:20       AKA Belle (Boise, ID)
4:35-5:15       Random Canyon Growlers (Boise, ID)
5:30-6:15       J.P. Whipple and Tycoon Machette (Salt Lake, Utah)
6:30-7:30       Lonesome Shack (Seattle, WA)
7:45-9:00       Gallus Brothers (Seattle & Bellingham, WA)
Sunday, September 6th
Indian Creek Winery
Stump Stage
12:40-1:00  The Pesky Grapeseeds (Hailey, ID)
1:35-1:50    The Pesky Grapeseeds
2:30-2:45    Bart Budwig (Enterprise, OR)
3:25-3:40    Bart Budwig
4:20-4:35    Idyltime (Boise, ID)
5:15-5:30    Idyltime
6:15-6:30    New Transit (Boise, ID)
7:30-7:45    New Transit

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