Stump Stage Sessions

Stump Stage
Saturday, August 30
12:40 Johanna Harness
1:35 Pat Harren
2:30 Dan Ansotegui
3:25 Caitlin Canty
4:20 Caitlin Canty
5:15 Gregory Rawlins
6:10 Gregory Rawlins
7:05 Hillfolk Noir
8:00 Hillfolk Noir

Stump Stage
Sunday, August 31
12:40 Johanna Harness
1:35 Ali Ward
2:30 Gary Eller
3:25 Dry Buck
4:20 Dry Buck
5:15 Marimba Boise
6:10 Marimba Boise
7:05 Aaron Mark Brown
8:00 Aaron Mark Brown

Stump Sessions at The Hermit Music Festival:

Stump Sessions is a Lo-Fi archival audio/video project created by Travis Ward. There’s not much to it - a stump, a musician with a song, and a video of the musician performing the song on or around the stump. It is an ongoing project with very few limitations - any genre is acceptable.

The first set of Stump Sessions was recorded at the 2014 Treefort Music Festival at the Hermit Showcase Stage. Ten videos were made in the alley behind the club.

Check em out -

2 thoughts on “Stump Stage Sessions”

  1. Wow, Caitlin Canty is playing a Stump Session, I’ve seen her concerts on the web, she’s great, anybody gonna add her to a couple of numbers on their main stage act during the day? She comes highly recommended (by me).

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