Travis and I got together one day and decided how great it would be to have an acoustic music festival here in the valley.  We both had the similar visions, and they collided.  We started getting together and brainstorming what it would look like and become… It would feature local artisans, craft wine and beer, food trucks, kids activities, participant dance, workshops and craft vendors all surrounded by amazing music.

The music would be from local sources as well as regional acts covering genres of the blues, country, bluegrass, old time, and singer-songwriter.

We have happily dove of the deep end and have created this festival.  It is a community event, from the volunteers to the musicians, from the artists and to the participants.  We love this music, we love this community and this is our way of giving back and contributing.  Listen to live music.  Be alive.

Ava Honey and Travis Ward


  1. D.G. · March 4, 2022

    I saw on his website that Wayne Hancock is playing?? When is he going on? SO stoked the Train is coming to town!
    How much are tix?

    • Greg Harness · March 4, 2022

      We’re stoked too! The schedule and ticket information will be available very soon.

  2. Dayna Akin · March 4, 2022

    So excited to go! If you are planning attending both days is tent camping allowed on the grounds? Thanks

    • ahoneybliss · March 4, 2022

      There won’t be camping on the grounds this year, but there is camping near by. Stay tuned for details.

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