2018 Vehicle Camping

August 30 - 3, 2018 (Thursday - Monday)


Not Available for Purchase

Saturday and Sunday night ONLY.

If you are camping in an RV/Van/Camper/Car/Truck you must purchase a limited vehicle camping pass.  $10/Unit (Car and trailer are one unit).

Begin at Tent.   You must also purchase per person camping at $10/person.  Children under 14 free.

Then move to Vehicle Camping and purchase a quantity of 1 (unless you are purchasing more than one RV/Van/Camper/Car/Truck space).  (Couple camping in an RV :: $30 total-$20 for person and $10 for vehicle.)

All vehicle camping reservations must be purchased online.

First come first serve for specific spaces.

There is a limit to 20 vehicle sites.

Restroom facilities are available.  

Kids are free to camp.

Campers’ Protocol

Bring Drinking Water.

No Pets!

No Open Fires.

Do not go into or drink from the pond-Yuk!

Please support Indian Creek and Our Sponsors-No Outside Alcohol.

Quiet Time after 11 PM

Please be Respectful and Nice.